The history of Reprocon began by joining two initiatives - one working with male reproduction and one with female reproduction - which together gave rise to a strong group..

In 2007, researchers Gediendson Ribeiro de Araújo and Thyara Deco-Souza began work with the collection and processing of wild carnivorous semen at the Federal University of Viçosa. Always working with wild animals, this working group developed pharmacological semen collection protocols in captive and mainly free-living animals.

In 2015, veterinarians Letícia Requena and Pedro Nacib Jorge-Neto, who were working at Novagen Genética, together with Prof. Hernan Baldassarre (McGill University - Canada) and veterinarian Jorge Aparecido Salomão Jr. decided to adapt and apply, in cougars (Puma concolor), the reproductive biotechnologies of small ruminants that they commercially dominated, such as Laparoscopic Ovum Pick-Up (LOPU) and In Vitro Embryo Production (IVEP).

With a common goal, the conservation of wild felines, with emphasis on the jaguar (Panthera onca), fate put both groups in contact and, in 2016, these researchers began negotiations aimed at working together.

Finally, in 2017, with the participation of six professionals, Gediendson, Thyara, Hernan, Pedro, Leticia and Jorge and also Profs Cristiane Schilbach Pizzutto and Kiky (Anneliese) de Souza Traldi, from the University of São Paulo (SP), Reprocon was founded.

With the main objective of developing reproductive biotechnologies for the conservation of wild animals, Reprocon was soon structured and has developed technologies and know-how in the reproduction of wild felines, in its own actions and also in collaboration with other projects, with important discoveries.

In the year of Reprocon's foundation, an important partnership started with the scientific breeder NEX - No Extinction (Corumbá de Goiás, GO), through its curator, Ms. Cristina Gianini, who opened the doors for all works of Reprocon, aiming at the conservation of the jaguar. Still, three conservation-minded zoos opened the door to reproduction work: the Limeira Zoo, the Guarulhos Zoo and the Brasilia Zoo.

Today, Reprocon also has the participation of veterinarians Antonio Carlos Csermak Jr, Maitê Cardoso Coelho da Silva and Thiago Luczinski and the operational or financial collaboration of other institutions.

With a multidisciplinary team, Reprocon has the following areas:

  • Captive and free-living wildlife breeding
  • Wildlife Behavior and Welfare
  • Scientific capture of free-living animals
  • Wild Animal Clinic & Surgery
  • Reproduction of domestic animals
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