Reprocon (Reproduction 4 Conservation) emerged through the association of researchers reference in the reproduction of livestock and wild animals. Together they seek to develop wildlife conservation solutions through reproductive biotechnology. With a multidisciplinary team, Reprocon has the following areas:
  •  Captive and free-living wildlife breeding
  •  Wildlife Behavior and Welfare
  •  Scientific capture of free-living animals
  •  Wild Animal Clinic & Surgery
  •  Reproduction of domestic animalsReprodução de silvestres e exóticos de cativeiro e vida livre


In pursuit of a common ideal, researchers and technichians have teamed up to seek solutions in wildlife breeding for application in free-living animals.



Multi-disciplinary team of world-renowned researchers and professionals work in tandem to conserve endangered species.



Teamwork generates better results. When there are partners, the results reach farther!


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