Onca pintada bolaReproduction of wild animals, whether in situ or ex situ, is a powerful and important tool for the conservation of threatened or endangered species.

Many species have poor reproductive performance in captivity due to factors that together or alone hinder their adaptation to conditions of captivity.

behavioral and endocrine changes are often identified as a result of this difficult adaptation to captivity, especially when it does not provide the minimum conditions of environmental complexity that allow animals to express their entire behavioral repertoire and to develop social relationships characteristic of the species.

In this sense, Reprocon develops projects aimed at the welfare of animals kept under human care, acting on behavioral studies and environmental enrichments to regulate endocrine-reproductive functions and provide better quality of life to various wild species.

Comportamento Copulatório
Etogram of Jaguar Copulatory Behavior. Available at JORGE-NETO, P.N. et al. Copulatory behavior of the Jaguar Panthera onca (Mammalia: Carnivora: Felidae). Journal of Threatened Taxa, v. 10, n. 15, p. 12933-12939, 2018

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