Pharmacological semen collection is a recent technique that has been developed in domestic cats and adapted by Reprocon for neotropical wild cats, especially the jaguar. Until then, wild cat semen was collected by electroejaculation, a methodology in which anesthesia needs to be deepened and the semen obtained is very diluted, requiring centrifugation. In addition, the chance of samples being contaminated with urine is very high.

Pharmacological collection is performed through the use of an anesthetic with high affinity to alpha-2-agonist receptors that leads to the relaxation of the vas deferens, enabling the collection of semen by urethral probing. The semen obtained has a smaller volume, but with a high concentration of sperm, which facilitates its manipulation and freezing in the field.

Etapas da colheita farmacológica

Colheita farmacológica em onça-pintada

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