The Research & Development of biotechnologies applied to wild animal reproduction aiming at species conservation is one of Reprocon's main activities.

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Producao de Embrioes

In Vitro Embryo Production (IVEP)

Efficient In Vitro Embryo Production is an important conservation tool, enabling in situ vs ex situ material exchange.


Colheita Farmaco

Pharmacological Semen Collection

Retrieving quality semen from wild animals is a challenge overcome by pharmacological semen collection, recovering concentrated ejaculate without urine contamination.


Bem-estar & Comportamento

Welfare & Behavior

The welfare of animals kept under human care and behavioral studies seeking to regulate endocrine-reproductive functions and provide better quality of life.


Banco Genetico


Bank of biological materials for the reproduction of species. Zygotes (semen and oocytes), embryos and fibroblasts are processed and stored..


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