Bio Bank


Bio-bank of semen, oocytes, embryos and fibroblasts, with genotyped studbook.

In Vitro Embryos

In Vitro Embryos

Biotechnology for In Vitro wildlife feline Embryo Production



Pharmacological Collection

Semen collection by urethral catheterization without the use of electroejaculator


Welcome to REPROCON

Reprocon (Reproduction 4 Conservation) emerged through the association of researchers reference in the reproduction of farm animals and wild animals.

Together, they seek to develop wildlife conservation solutions through reproductive biotechnology.

With a multidisciplinary team, Reprocon works with the following areas:

  • Captive and free-living wildlife breeding
  • Wildlife Behavior and Welfare
  • Scientific capture of free-living animals
  • Wild Animal Clinic & Surgery
  • Reproduction of domestic animals


I have no words to express the satisfaction of being able to participate in Reprocon's work! It's a dream come true to be with this team in my first jaguar capture campaign in the Pantanal. And to get even more thrilled, I had the honor of baptizing her with my name, Carol! I hope I can keep her up with the camera traps.

Caroline Mazeto
DVM Student

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